cover image Book 1

Book 1

Sophie Jordan. Morrow, $13.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-0-06-227987-3

Jordan (Hidden) launches a new adult series that delivers plenty of emotional conflict in a conventional finding-love-where-you-least-expect story. Naive, virginal college student Pepper has long been in love with her best friend’s brother, Hunter, seeing him as the one man who can give her the cozy traditional home life she craves. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, Pepper wonders how to seize her chance. Her college roommates come up with a plan: get seduction lessons from a sexy bartender, who is also a kissing expert, then use her new skills on Hunter. Pepper did not expect the bartender to be Reece, the man with the “dangerous vibe” who keeps turning up to rescue her from uncomfortable situations. Banter leads to intoxicating foreplay, and insecurities, misconceptions, and past damage create complications. Even as Hunter courts Pepper, Reece tugs at her heart. Some of the plotting is a bit contrived, but the story is saved by strong personalities and Jordan’s talent for handling touchy issues with plenty of heart. Agent: Maura Kye-Casella, Don Congdon Associates. (Nov.)