cover image Dot.


Randi Zuckerberg, illus. Joe Berger. Harper, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-06-228751-9

Zuckerberg (yes, she’s related) debuts with a story of digital overload that delivers its message with zest and good humor. Dot keeps her frizzy blue hair in place with pink barrettes, wears a frilly dress, and has social media covered. Pictured in front of her laptop and tablet, Dot “knows how to tap” (on a keyboard), “to touch” (the screen of her tablet), “to tweet” (with a mouse), “and to tag” (in front of the laptop again). Dot Skypes, texts, and gabs on her cell phone, and when she burns out on technology, her mother kicks her outdoors with specific instructions: “Time to reboot! Recharge! Restart!” Dot doesn’t resist. There’s lots to do in her sunny, flower-studded neighborhood: “Dot remembers... to tap” (dance), “to touch” (tall sunflowers), “to tweet” (she whistles), “and to tag.” Berger (Princess in Training) mines the 1960s for his sherbet-colored spreads, from Dot’s midcentury modern living room to the fluffy terrier that follows her around. It’s an instructive, cheerful tale that doesn’t hit readers over the head with heavy-duty moralizing. Ages 4–8. (Nov.)