cover image The Earl: A Devil’s Duke Novel

The Earl: A Devil’s Duke Novel

Katharine Ashe. Avon, $7.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-0-06-241275-1

Aliases, mistaken identities, and a tumultuous chase through the Scottish Highlands by two sympathetic and fun protagonists make the second installment of Ashe’s Devil’s Duke Regency series (after The Rogue) a rollicking page-turner. In addition to changing her name from Emily to Zenobia, the winning heroine has achieved fame and earned income as Lady Justice, author of provocative pamphlets championing the rights of women, laborers, and the poor. Unable to find her missing sister, she reluctantly appeals to her nemesis, Peregrine, a member of the Falcon Club, for help—and discovers that Peregrine is Colin Gray, the new Earl of Egremoor. She was betrothed to him at birth, once loved him, and now despises him. After they cross paths with a highway robber who’s been using Colin’s name, they’re forced to run for their lives. As painful memories of their childhood friendship bubble up, they come to see through each other’s facades and challenge each other to be their true selves. Eloquent descriptive passages bring the countryside to life, and sweet and eccentric supporting characters add zest to this entertaining and emotionally satisfying tale. Agent: Kim Whalen, Trident Media. (Oct.)