cover image Ice Wolves

Ice Wolves

Amie Kaufman. Harper, $16.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-06-245798-1

In this lively first book in the Elementals trilogy, orphaned twins who have grown up as street thieves are separated for the first time when their shapeshifting abilities manifest. Twelve-year-old Anders becomes an ice wolf, and his sister, Rayna, transforms into a scorch dragon—a traditional enemy of the wolves. After Rayna is stolen away by other dragons for their own purposes, Anders is invited to attend the Ulfar Academy, a school dedicated to training ice wolves to guard their land against dragon attacks. Anders just wants to learn enough to locate and rescue his sister, but the more he bonds with his new friends and delves into his special abilities, the more he wonders if there’s something else to the conflict between ice and fire. In her first solo novel, Kaufman (Unearthed) conjures an intriguing world with memorable, diverse characters. Although the backstory isn’t entirely fleshed out, and some of the twists are predictable, the premise is solid, backed up by an enticing blend of magic, action, and excitement. Ages 8–12. Agent: Tracey Adams, Adams Literary. (Mar.)