cover image When a Duke Loves a Woman: A Sin for All Seasons, Book 2

When a Duke Loves a Woman: A Sin for All Seasons, Book 2

Lorraine Heath. Avon, $7.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-0-06-267602-3

In the enjoyable second Sin for All Seasons novel (after Beyond Scandal and Desire), Heath explores Victorian class and wealth disparities. Fiercely independent tavern owner Gillie Trewlove doesn’t hesitate to save a man who’s mugged by a young gang. She doesn’t recognize the handsome stranger as Antony Coventry, Duke of Thornley, who was searching the poverty-stricken and dangerous Whitechapel area of London for his no-show bride. Having been raised in Whitechapel alongside her four adoptive brothers, Gillie agrees to help Thorne find his fiancée and ensure her safety. Unfeminine Gillie is surprised and pleased that Thorne finds her attractive, but they both know their different social stations will prevent them from having more than a heated affair. Gillie’s sweet and successful brothers try to protect her from scandal, and deserve their matches in future books. This is a believable and winning romance between two people who don’t know how much they need love. Agent: Robin Rue, Writers House. (Aug.)