cover image The Bold, Brave Bunny

The Bold, Brave Bunny

Beth Ferry, illus. by Chow Hon Lam. HarperCollins, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-06-285031-7

Teetu feels like the odd bunny out in his big, often boisterous family; he can’t find even a corner of the crowded burrow that he can call his own. “There were so many bunnies./ It. Wasn’t. Even. Funny,” writes Ferry (Caveboy Crush). Even Teetu’s new alphabet book doesn’t offer an escape: “B IS FOR BUNNY” it proclaims. Badly in need of a bunny break, Teetu sneaks out into the world beyond the burrow, where “everything looked different./ It was wonderful.” Inspired by the wildlife he sees and the gracefully undulant trees that he imagines to be an armadillo, hippo, and giraffe, among other animals, Teetu is inspired to create a bunny-less book of his own. But with his new sense of independence comes a realization that a loving home, however tight the quarters, isn’t so bad after all; when his family creates a “chain of bunnies” to lead him back, Teetu realizes that B can stand for “belonging,” too. Graphic designer Lam makes an impressive debut, with a quirky, capsule-shaped cast and striking grayscale digital images, punctuated by splashes of red and letterpress textures. Ages 4–8[em]. (Feb.) [/em]