cover image Seasons of the Storm

Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano. HarperTeen, $17.99 (480p) ISBN 978-0-06-285424-7

Immortal beings embody seasons in this fast-paced mythological fantasy by Cosimano (The Suffering Tree). For the last three decades, Jack, a Winter, has each year hunted and killed the Autumn before him, who kills Summer, who kills Spring, a cycle that maintains the weather system. The rules set in place by Chronos and Gaia instruct Seasons to be ruthless and bloody with their kills, which are monitored and reported on by their handlers. Otherwise, they live segregated in the Observatory, where they remain for nine months until their time approaches. Otherwise, opposing Seasons aren’t supposed to engage outside of their annual hunts, which are enforced via strict surveillance and a ranking system. When Jack and Fleur, the Spring who kills him each year, fall for each other, and Fleur’s performance drops below standards, placing her in jeopardy, Jack determines to get them out from Chronos and Gaia’s clutches. But the secret to surviving lies in relying on the cooperation, trust, and harmony of other opposing Seasons. Blending mythology with the modern world, Cosimano uses the rhythm of nature to create a whirlwind of romance and friendship that illustrates both the power of choice and the strength in differences. Ages 14–up. Agent: Sarah Greenhouse, Greenhouse Literary. [em](June) [/em]