cover image The Cookbook Club

The Cookbook Club

Beth Harbison. Morrow, $16.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-295862-4

Harbison (Every Time You Go Away) cooks up a delectable novel about a woman who finds a way to renew her life. In Washington, D.C., foodie Margo Brinker’s marriage comes to a sudden end when her husband leaves her for his therapist. She feels disillusioned by the so-called friends in her book club, who aren’t available to commiserate with her, and heads to the internet for something a little bit more real. She finds the Cookbook Club, started by Trista, who was fired from her lawyer job, now runs a bar, and convenes the club IRL to try new recipes. The club becomes the focal point for several characters, including Aja, a yoga teacher who gets pregnant and takes over her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s garden (finding an unexpected relationship), while Max, a figure from Margo’s past who is now a movie star hiding from the spotlight, surprises her with a DM. Margo and Max take on the job of fixing up a piece of collateral property from Margo’s divorce, and Max recognizes the potential Margo’s ex missed in the property. As expected, romance ensues. Through recipes and easy reading, Harbison’s pleasant tale shines a light on her characters’ successes and failures. Despite a few clichés, this is a mostly delicious story. (Oct.)