cover image A Scot Is Not Enough

A Scot Is Not Enough

Gina Conkle. Avon, $8.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-299900-9

A barrister looking to advance his career must choose between love and ambition in Conkle’s fast-paced second Scottish Treasures romance (after The Scot Who Loved Me). In Georgian England, Barrister Alexander Sloane is tasked by Magistrate Fielding to trail Cecelia MacDonald, a purported Jacobite sympathizer. In exchange, Fielding will hasten Alexander’s path to becoming baron of the exchequer. But Cecelia, the illegitimate daughter of a Jacobite surgeon, is craftier than Alexander bargained for, and his attempt to stake out her home ends with Cecelia aiming a gun at his head. This first meeting leads Cecelia, who does not share her father’s allegiances, to agree to give Alexander information about the Jacobites if he will procure her entry to the Marquess of Swynford’s ball so that she can retrieve a dagger stolen from her clan. As Cecelia and Alexander spend more time together, he learns she’s under threat from a countess bent on revenge and becomes determined to keep her safe. But Fielding is also a threat, and protecting her from him means ruining Alexander’s chance at promotion. Conkle’s smart and well-developed characters create facades to fit into societal expectations and reveal hidden strengths and ingenuity over the course of the story. Readers will be hooked. Agent: Sarah Younger, Nancy Yost Literary. (Apr.)