cover image Be Exceptional: Master the Five Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart

Be Exceptional: Master the Five Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart

Joe Navarro with Toni Sciarra Poynter. Morrow, $28.99 (288p) ISBN 978-0-06-302539-4

Former FBI agent Navarro (Louder Than Words) lays out a plan to become an “exceptional person” in this sharp and demanding guide. Navarro begins with his “Five Domains for the Exceptional”—self-mastery, observation, communication, action, and psychological comfort. Self-mastery (the essential skill on which all others are built) comes through dedication and honest self-criticism, and allows one to “aim higher.” Observation involves knowing how to react in any given situation and knowing how to read body language, facial expressions, and nervous gestures. Communication is about establishing and nourishing relationships, while psychological comfort forms the core of one’s ability to influence others. Navarro reminds readers that hard work and honest self-reflection are the keys to improvement, and his practical steps include a “Daily Action List” with goals and commitments, questions for appraising one’s flaws, and advice for setting routines and determining priorities. He challenges readers to think about the adjectives others would use to describe them—and if they aren’t positive, to do a thorough self-assessment and vow to do better: “Our impact on others is the proof of who we really are. There will be consequences for failure to self-correct.” This smart road map for personal betterment will be an inspiration to those who respond to tough love. (June)