cover image The Endless Vessel

The Endless Vessel

Charles Soule. Harper Perennial, $30 (496p) ISBN 978-0-06-304304-6

At the beginning of this hugely entertaining near-future dystopian thriller from comic book writer Soule (Anyone), the Louvre is burning, along with the priceless treasures within. It’s the handiwork of a group called Team Joy Joy, whose mission is to eradicate anything giving people pleasure or hope; objects in their crosshairs include art, food, books, and jobs. Many of its members are afflicted with a malady called The Grey, a clinical depression that manifested in the years after the Covid-19 pandemic and infected 27% of the world’s population. British-born Lily Barnes, a materials engineer living in Hong Kong, uncovers a mysterious piece of technology that may help slow the spread of The Grey, and her quest to uncover its secrets begins a suspense-laden trek across time and space that leads her to a ship harboring all of humanity’s memories and puts the fate of the human race on the line. Rich characters and a full-throttle plot, plus a solid finale, elevate this page-turner. It’s a winner. Agent: Seth Fishman, Gernert Company. (June)