cover image A Fire Endless

A Fire Endless

Rebecca Ross. Harper Voyager, $27.99 (512p) ISBN 978-0-06-305603-9

Ross closes the Elements of Cadence duology, which began with A River Enchanted, with a lyrical, Scottish-inspired fantasy exploring the vulnerability and danger of a natural world thrown out of balance. Bane, king of spirits, blights the island of Cadence with a sickness that spreads from trees to people. As Torin, Cadence’s newly made Laird of the East, ventures into the spirit realm to find a cure, his wife, Sidra, frays under the strain of aiding the sick and leading the clan in Torin’s absence, all while pregnant and ill herself. Meanwhile, Adaira, now living with her blood family in the hard-bitten West, struggles to reconcile her gentle upbringing with what is expected of her in the treacherous Breccan court. Her love, the bard Jack, languishes in the East until an encounter with an ailing spirit shows him a dangerous path back to her. Ross confidently develops her innovative elemental magic system and brings together disparate worldbuilding elements for a satisfying and cohesive climax. Fans of both fantasy romance and folklore retold are sure to enjoy. Agent: Suzie Townsend, New Leaf Literary. (Dec.)