cover image The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes

The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes

Eva Leigh. Avon, $8.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-308627-2

A woman bargains for her freedom from society’s gilded cage in Leigh’s smart and sizzling introduction to her Last Chance Scoundrels regency series (after the Union of the Rakes series). When roguish Kieran Ransome’s father demands he marry or be cut off, Kieran recruits the “most respectable woman he knows,” Miss Celeste Kilburn, to help reform his reputation and introduce him to marriageable debutantes. Celeste, whose father is forcing her to accept the courtship of the obnoxious Lord Montford but whose virtuous facade hides a risk-taker within, agrees to help Kieran if, in exchange, he’ll bring her along on his less reputable adventures. Disguising Celeste as “Salome,” the pair attend scandalous bacchanals and wager at gaming halls, along the way sharing secrets, discovering hidden talents, and falling in love. Kieran finds a kindred spirit in the courageous Celeste, whose sexual appetites match his own, and Celeste learns Kieran’s well-earned naughty reputation hides a good heart. When Montford discovers their secret, however, he attempts to blackmails Celeste into marriage—forcing her to choose between her honor and her heart. That Kieran and Celeste’s love affair is born of mutual respect and admiration only enhances the sensual love scenes. This risqué romp will have readers hooked. Agent: Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary. (Feb.)