cover image Paris: The Memoir

Paris: The Memoir

Paris Hilton. Dey Street, $29.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-06-322462-9

In this revealing memoir, Hilton (Confessions of an Heiress) pulls double duty, doling out obligatory TMZ bait while also opening up about the abuse she endured in what she dubs the “troubled-teen industry.” Detailing her horrific treatment—including cavity searches and staff-sanctioned sleep deprivation—at so-called “emotional growth boarding schools,” which targeted distraught parents in the aughts, the billionaire heiress pulls back the curtain on a little-discussed source of psychic damage for so-called “wayward teens.” On a lighter note, she provides running wardrobe commentary: “This dress is going to end up in a museum someday,” Hilton muses about the Julien Macdonald silver chain-mail dress she famously donned for her 21st birthday. Dishier topics include Hilton’s complicated relationship with her mother, lifelong friendship with Nicole Richie, and marriage to Carter Reum. She also dives into her ADHD diagnosis, which she deems a “superpower” she’s wielded to her advantage, though stories of managing the disorder with the help of organizational staff may fail to connect with less privileged readers challenged by the diagnosis. Even so, those unimpressed by the author’s occasional solipsism are likely to appreciate her advocacy for survivors of cultish care centers. Affecting and triumphant, this is a must-read for Little Hiltons. Agent: Albert Lee, United Talent Agency. (Mar.)