cover image The Stars Too Fondly

The Stars Too Fondly

Emily Hamilton. Harper Voyager, $18.99 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-0-06-332081-9

In this tantalizing space opera debut, Hamilton weaves a thoughtful, self-aware story bursting with witty repartee and provocative romance. The year is 2061, more than 20 years after the failed launch of the Providence, a spaceship that promised to save humanity from a dying Earth by using a newly developed dark matter engine to bring colonists to a habitable exoplanet in only seven years. Unfortunately, an unknown error caused the entire crew to vanish without explanation when the engine switched on. Still, the fervor surrounding the launch inspired a new generation of scientists and historians. Four such rambunctious young professionals—Cleo, a computer engineer; Ros, a doctor; Abe, a historian; and Kaleisha, a botanist—break into the Providence and accidentally start the engine, lifting off. Even after activating the ship’s computer—a hologram with the uploaded consciousness of its former captain, Wilhelmina Lucas—they’re not able to reverse course. They also find that the dark matter engine has altered their bodies, giving them superpowers. Captain Lucas—“Billie” to her friends—and Cleo investigate the source of their newfound abilities, while also agonizing over their growing feelings for each other. This Star Trek-inspired space adventure has something for everyone—heartwarming romantic comedy, cosmic superpowers, and humanity’s future at stake. It should win plenty of fans. Agent: Roma Panganiban, Janklow & Nesbit Assoc. (June)