cover image Why Men Are the Way They Are: The Male-Female Dynamic

Why Men Are the Way They Are: The Male-Female Dynamic

Warren Farrell. McGraw-Hill Companies, $17.95 (403pp) ISBN 978-0-07-019974-3

In analyzing the nature and attitudes of men, psychologist-sociologist Farrell (The Liberated Man, etc.) airs women's grievances against men and sets out to explain men to both women and to men themselves. Taking into account that feminism has altered the dynamic between the sexes, Farrell claims that in their relationships both sexes would like to ""have it all,'' but that their realities and fantasies diverge widelyfantasies that, he contends, are exploited by advertising, magazines, romance novels, movies and TV, working at both conscious and unconscious levels. These media intensify men's compulsion to perform in sports, at sex and on the job, often masking deep insecurity and vulnerability, the author maintains. To achieve intimacy and balance in a relationship, he counsels, both men and women must not only share risks but learn to promote growth in the other, rather than nurture deficiencies. Major ad/promo; author tour. (September 8)