cover image Spain


Jan Morris. Prentice Hall, $24.95 (207pp) ISBN 978-0-13-824152-0

Originally published in 1964 when the author was still known as James Morris and somewhat revised in 1979, Spain is here reissued in a fussily designed edition. Despite the fact that it portrays the country at the point when it was about to emerge from its decades-long domination by Franco, Morris's textdiscussing landscape, legend, history, religion and architecturestands up well; but, set in small type and a long line measure, it is difficult to read. The striking illustrations, reminiscent of Miro, that decorate chapter openings and the 10 ill-chosen, sentimentally realistic paintings by various Spanish artists clash with Cecilia Eales's pleasant, washed-out watercolors with their handwritten captions. (September)