cover image Water Dance

Water Dance

Thomas Locker. Harcourt Children's Books, $17 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-15-201284-7

""Some people say that I am one thing./ Others say that I am many."" In this poetic soliloquy, water proclaims its many manifestations as it courses through its never-ending cycle: ""In white-silver veils I rise"" as mist; ""I float,"" ""I drift"" as clouds; ""I rise up as gleaming power-filled towers"" as a thunderhead; ""I am still and deep"" as a lake. Locker's (Where the River Begins) traditional landscapes and seascapes illuminate natural splendors with the same serenity and awe found in his previous books; once again, his painterly style makes no concessions to children. A supplement by Candace Christiansen adds scientific explanations of the water cycle and its relationship to wind, weather and atmospheric phenomena. While the rather dense appendix can help adults and older children to understand the changes portrayed, hard information about the hydrologic cycle strikes a discordant note after the simple, poetic text and the landscapes questing after the sublime. Ages 4-10. (Mar.)