cover image Theological Territories: A David Bentley Hart Digest

Theological Territories: A David Bentley Hart Digest

David Bentley Hart. Univ. of Notre Dame, $29 (420p) ISBN 978-0-268-10718-5

In this scintillating compilation of essays based on lectures—most published here for the first time—Eastern Orthodox scholar and cultural commentator Hart (That All Shall Be Saved) examines the intersection of theology with other academic fields, including ethics, science, literature, and biblical hermeneutics. Whether conversing with theologian Rowan Williams on the healing purpose of tragedy, or meditating on “the Problem of Evil” as laid out by Dostoyevsky, Hart’s witty, erudite writing proves unsettling and invigorating. Essays include conversations with Catholic priest Tomas Halik on postmodern theology and Barthian scholar Bruce McCormack on Trinitarian theology, a harsh critique of work by secular atheist Daniel Dennett, and theological insights gleaned from Hart’s translation of the New Testament. Hart also examines the relationship between theology and science in the provocative “Should Science Think?” and ponders the correlation between Christian aesthetics and morality. A particularly memorable entry is his obliteration of Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette’s Catholic defense of capital punishment. Theologians and scholarly readers alike will find much wisdom in this impressive work. (May)