cover image Sister Wendy on Prayer

Sister Wendy on Prayer

Sister Wendy Beckett, . . Harmony, $21.95 (128pp) ISBN 978-0-307-39381-4

Sister Wendy, the unlikely TV host whose reflections on art have made her an international star, is a Carmelite nun who spends "many hours a day in pure prayer," including solitary silence. So she knows her stuff when she says that there is no secret to prayer or magic formula that can be taught: readers must simply "stand before God unprotected," and they will know what to do. Of course, Sister Wendy offers some helpful discussion of various traditional prayers such as the Our Father and the Jesus prayer. Mingled with musings on great works of art (plus a biographical sketch of Sister Wendy by David Willcock), this all-too-brief guide is an elegant and eloquent rumination on Christian prayer. (Nov. 13)