cover image Top Screwups Doctors Make And How To Avoid Them%E2%80%A8

Top Screwups Doctors Make And How To Avoid Them%E2%80%A8

Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon. Crown Archetype, $26 (336p) ISBN 978-0-307-46091-2%E2%80%A8

The Graedons, national experts on patient safety, have assembled an exhaustively researched text designed to instruct patients on how to best advocate for their own health while having a more realistic idea of the challenges that doctors face every day. By breaking down need-to-know information into sections (including hospitals, drug interactions, and senior care) and providing checklists, the Graedons attempt to idiot-proof a complex and sensitive issue. The book is written in an accessible fashion, and avoids medical jargon, with constantly reiterated points, and clear themes. The authors also provide anecdotes throughout to drive home the importance of what they're saying. Still, the book becomes repetitive as the authors retread the same medications and situations in multiple chapters%E2%80%94it's unclear if this is for emphasis or due to lack of content. There's no doubt that readers will benefit from this book, but it may be more valuable as a reference to use as needed rather than a cover-to-cover read. (Oct.)