cover image The Cavalier in White

The Cavalier in White

Marcia Muller. St. Martin's Press, $15.95 (207pp) ISBN 978-0-312-12539-4

When Joanna Stark learns that a tall stranger has been attempting to locate her, she tries to remain calm. But even three years after her retirement as a security consultant to California museums and galleries, her suspicions are automatically aroused. The man turns out to be her former partner Nick, who persuades Joanna, against her better judgment, to help him find a stolen Franz Hals painting, The Cavalier in White. All too soon, Joanna realizes that the case is more complex and frightening than it originally appeared. Before it is resolved, she is forced to confront her old nemesis, Parducci, as well as dramatic secrets in her personal life. Muller's introduction to her new detective is laden with expository passages that slow the development of the mystery. Still, the intricate story builds to a satisfying climax with enough left unresolved to promise more adventures in the future. ( June 30)