cover image Endless Honeymoon

Endless Honeymoon

Don Webb. Minotaur Books, $23.95 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-312-26582-3

As readers of his two previous mysteries (1998's The Double, 1999's Essential Saltes) know, Webb likes to whip up murder, humor and sex into a heady froth. His latest starts out with a similar blend of ingredients and for more than half its length seems destined to be a memorably enjoyable outing. A married coupleDWillis and Virginia SpencerDget their kicks by punishing wicked people in their native Texas, using carefully staged scenes of vengeance to frighten them almost to death. One such prank turns lethal when the Spencers cross paths with a legendary serial killerDthe same man who developed the secret computer program that helps them target their victims. Also in the mix are two FBI agentsDone ex and one currentDobsessed with finding the serial killer. So far, so noirDespecially when the killer turns out to be a sad and fragile old gentleman. But things begin to sag when Webb adds one ingredient too many: a mysterious woman who has hired the ex-FBI guy to bring her the head of a longtime quarry. (Jan. 6)