cover image Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sarah Powell, illus. by Barbi Sido. Macmillan/Priddy, $6.99 (10p) ISBN 978-0-312-51679-6

In one of several books and products launching the Little Friends line, a pale blue owl helps readers discover the animals that live in four habitats. “The mountain is so big and tall,/ that Baby Owl feels very small./ Who lives on the mountain?” Lifting a flap reveals a smiling foursome of creatures, high and low: an eagle, moose, bear, and wolf. In the final spread, Baby Owl finds her own tree-trunk nest, and readers are invited to test their memory of the 16 animals from the preceding pages. Sido’s digital cartoons have a soothing pale palette and a crisp, modern feel, with speckled and striped textures creating a sense of depth. Up to age 2. (Jan.)