cover image Section 8: A Hood Rat Novel

Section 8: A Hood Rat Novel

K'wan, . . St. Martin's Griffin, $14.99 (358pp) ISBN 978-0-312-53696-1

In his ninth novel, K'Wan (Gangsta ; Road Dawgz ) continues his popular Hood Rat series, with yet more of what his readers expect: action, murder, betrayal, sex, more action, familiar faces and a few surprises. Readers are first introduced to Tionna, a single mom of two, desperate to recover her footing after her man gets arrested for his involvement in drug and gun dealing. Moving back to her old neighborhood in shame, Tionna devises a plan with her girlfriends—Gucci, Boots and Tracy—to con local record label mogul Don B. Meanwhile, Gucci meets and falls for Animal, a notorious criminal who's on the fence about going legitimate as a rapper. As their pursuits intertwine, Tionna and friends find much to learn about unintended consequences. Quick and entertaining, K'wan's latest captures a small slice of modern urban life with a great degree of credibility and finds in Animal his most conflicted, memorable and likable character yet. Unfortunately, the plot hinges on some implausible (and cheesy) developments, which may try readers' patience. (Oct.)