cover image Coup d'%C3%89tat

Coup d'%C3%89tat

Ben Coes. St. Martin's, $25.99 (464p) ISBN 978-0-312-58076-6

Coes's exciting sequel to Power Down explores an all-too-plausible conflict in Asia. A radical cleric, in one of his first actions as Pakistan's new president, drops a nuclear bomb on India, its giant neighbor and rival. American leaders fear a domino scenario that could pit the U.S. against China militarily. Series hero Dewey Andreas, a former Delta Force officer who's been lying low in Australia, receives the call to assemble a small team of specialists and use whatever means necessary to get rid of the Pakistani president and install the U.S.'s handpicked successor%E2%80%94all within 48 hours. As India itches to retaliate with its own nukes, Andreas must find a way to worm his way into the halls of Pakistani power while also warding off a well-funded terrorist group run by a Syrian financier devoted to violent Islamic revolt. Though too predictable at points, the plot sizzles with action, and the details have an authentic ring that put this thriller a cut above the pack. (Oct.)