cover image The Accidental Sorcerer: Rogue Agent, Book One

The Accidental Sorcerer: Rogue Agent, Book One

K. E. Mills, . . Orbit, $7.99 (551pp) ISBN 978-0-316-03542-2

Karen Miller (The Riven Kingdom ) launches a trilogy, her first venture as Mills, with this droll tale of magical bureaucracy. Gerald Dunwoody, a Third Grade wizard and lowly safety inspector for Ottosland’s Department of Thaumaturgy, inadvertently blows up a factory while trying to save it. Summarily fired, Gerald takes a job in almost bankrupt New Ottosland as royal court wizard for King Lional the 43rd. To prove his powers to the doubtful king and his put-upon sister, Prime Minister Princess Melissande, Gerald turns a cat into a lion and transforms the dowdy princess into a literally bewitching fashion plate, but preventing war between New Ottosland and Kallarap and making a highly illegal dragon for the king may be beyond his will and abilities. Miller’s whimsical prose keeps the plot jumping and the readers laughing. (Jan.)