cover image Dr.Bob Arnot's Gde to Turning Back the Clock,

Dr.Bob Arnot's Gde to Turning Back the Clock,

Andrew Lewis, Robert Arnot, Arnot. Little Brown and Company, $22.95 (403pp) ISBN 978-0-316-05189-7

Before tackling the serious discussion of improved diet and fitness, Arnot, medical correspondent for CBS News and a self-described ``aerobic animal,'' recounts his own exhaustive adventurous in exercise land. His exuberance sets the stage for this substantive, sensible guide addressed to the 30-to 60-year-old male. Arnot contends that men within this age span can crank back the hands on their biological clocks by changing their diet (high on slow-burning carbohydrates and fiber, low on fatty proteins and sugars) and by beginning a vigorous program of aerobics and weight-training. An extensive chapter on multicultural eating names healthful dishes (not recipes) from various ethnic cuisines. An illustrated and user-friendly guide to weight training includes excercises that anyone can do at the gym. Much here will be equally useful to female readers. (Apr.)