cover image All Join in

All Join in

Quentin Blake. Little Brown and Company, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-316-09934-9

The six poems in this rollicking collection invite readers to ``join in'' these characters' exuberant escapades. Author-illustrator Blake ( Quentin Blake's ABC ; The Story of the Dancing Frog ) once again captures the delight of good, noisy fun--from sliding down bannisters and elephants' trunks (``WHEEEE!'') to marching through mud puddles singing the Duck Song (``QUACKQUACKQUACKQUACKQUACK'') to sorting out the pots (``BING BONG CLANG''). The chaotically detailed illustrations enliven the festivities, and are sure to provide entertainment through many readings. Youngsters will eagerly memorize the humorous verses (``And if Ferdinand decides to make / a chocolate fudge banana cake / What do we do? For goodness sake!'') for the satisfaction of belting out the final refrain, ``We ALL JOIN IN.'' Ages 4-8. (Apr.)