cover image The Vegetable Show

The Vegetable Show

Laurene Krasny Brown. Little Brown and Company, $14.45 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-316-11363-2

Lettuce say at the outset that Brown's paean to produce is hard to beet for squashing veg-o-phobia. Framed as a theatrical offering-""the Greatest, Greenest Show on Earth""-this zany caper is emceed by one Mr. B.A. Dilly (a pickle, natch) and stars such botanical biggies as Eeny-Weeny, the Amazing Zucchini (weightlifter extraordinaire) and the Tip-Top Tomato Twins (high-wire wizards). And then there are the Veggettes, a go-go-booted chorus line who offer the perfect Broadway finish: a rousing rendition of ""Veggies Are Not for Sissies"" (music and lyrics included). Brown's pages are packed with a little bit of everything: bright borders, playful typeface, riddles, slogans (""beans are a tummy's friend""), fun facts-even a ``serious"" afterword outlining the nutritional advantages of each of her garden-fresh performers. And even the vegetably challenged will be won over by the pixiness of Brown's whimsical collages. Sit back and enjoy the show (and eat your broccoli). Ages 4-8. (Apr.)