cover image Hunt the Wolf: 
A SEAL Team Six Novel

Hunt the Wolf: A SEAL Team Six Novel

Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo. Little, Brown/Mulholland, $25.99 (320p) ISBN 978-

SEAL veteran Mann and bestseller Pezzullo (Inside SEAL Team Six) make their fiction debut with this solid military adventure thriller. U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer Tom Crocker leads the members of SEAL Team Six in the hunt for terrorist Abu Rasul Zaman (aka AZ), al-Qaeda’s number three man, who manages to slip through the team’s attack on a warehouse hideout in Karachi. Evidence seized during the raid points to a sex kidnapping scheme in France and to a mystery ship, the Syrena. Crocker and his men have to deal with the usual Washington weenies and a troublesome CIA contact in Pakistan, Lou Donaldson, among other minor impediments. The characters spend a little too much time reminiscing about their home lives and bemoaning the state of the world, but a steady stream of action makes this a worthy entry into the burgeoning SEAL thriller genre. Agent: Heather Mitchell, Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency. (June)