cover image The Fell Sword

The Fell Sword

Miles Cameron. Orbit, $17 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-0-316-21233-5

This dense sequel to The Red Knight throws readers into a vast maelstrom of political intrigue as various forces fight to control the emperor’s throne in the capital city of Liviapolis. The Duke of Thrake’s initial plot to overthrow his cousin is foiled when an alert guard shuts the city gates against the duke’s forces, but he succeeds in capturing the emperor. Irene, the emperor’s daughter, claims the throne and struggles to gather defenders. Foremost of these is the Red Knight, an infamous mercenary captain with a company of loyal lances. Even the Red Knight’s skills may not be enough to save the empire, given that the sorcerers of Liviapolis’s vaunted magical academy don’t exactly support Irene, the weird forces of the alien Wild have been stirred up, and the Red Knight himself is struggling against the possessing spirit of the sorcerer Harmodius. Cameron makes it easy for new readers to use this complex volume as a starting point for the series. (Mar.)