cover image Shadowborn: Seraphim, Book 3

Shadowborn: Seraphim, Book 3

David Dalglish. Orbit, $16.99 trade paper (496p) ISBN 978-0-316-30277-7

This frenetic novel brings the Seraphim epic fantasy trilogy (Skyborn, Fireborn) to a pulse-pounding conclusion, with open warfare between the flying islands that harbor the last remnants of humankind following its near-destruction five centuries prior. While Center attempts to regain dominance over the lesser islands with the use of ancient weapons of incredible power, the Skyborn twins, Kael and Bree, lead an increasingly desperate rebellion. However, the real threat comes from L’adim, an immortal who secretly fans the flames of war while marshalling an army of elemental monsters to finish destroying the humans. As new secrets about the past and present are revealed, Dalglish maneuvers his characters toward the final confrontation. As with the previous installments, action abounds, with special attention given to the highly dynamic aerial combat and element-based weapons, such as Bree’s fiery swords and Kael’s light-infused shield. Dalglish raises the stakes and magnitude, demonstrating his knack for no-holds-barred, wildly imaginative storytelling and worldbuilding. He wraps up the various narrative threads in a satisfying conclusion that leaves room for future exploration. Agent: Michael Carr, Veritas Literary. (Nov.)