cover image Jinn and Juice

Jinn and Juice

Nicole Peeler. Orbit, $10 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-316-40735-9

Peeler (the Jane True series) kicks off a series with this entertaining urban fantasy, which populates Pittsburgh with all sorts of interesting mythological creatures. For 1,000 years, Lyla has been cursed to live as a jinn, serving whoever can bind her with the right spells. But now the end has come: if she’s unbound in a week’s time, she’ll be human once more. So when Ozan “Oz” Sawyer captures her, she’s rightfully miffed. But he needs her power and help to rescue the missing daughter of an old friend, and despite initial objections, Lyla is surprised by how much she likes Oz. As they work together, they discover that something weird is happening in Pittsburgh, and the entire magical community is at risk from those who would enslave, exploit, or destroy its members. Mindful of her impending deadline, Lyla must rally her friends and unleash her full power to save the city. Peeler gets points for the originality of the premise, but loses some for the predictability in both the urban fantasy plot and the obligatory romance. [em]Agent: Rebecca Strauss, DeFiore and Company. (Apr.) [/em]