cover image Jade City

Jade City

Fonda Lee. Orbit, $26 (512p) ISBN 978-0-316-44086-8

In this intrigue-packed adventure, first in a trilogy set in an Asia-inspired, alternate-world modern city (and the first book for adults from YA author Lee), warring clans battle for control of their island nation and the jade that empowers them to perform superhuman feats. For decades, the Green Bone warriors of the No Peak and Mountain clans have maintained a delicate peace, hewing to a rigid code of honor as they control Janloon’s neighborhoods and industries. But ambition, treachery, and the rise of a new generation of leaders lead to open conflict between the factions. The members of No Peak must wage war on all fronts, including political and economic, but the real battle is in the streets, where their jade-enhanced champions fight to the death. As this ambitious and complex story unfolds, Lee (Exo) skillfully juggles a huge cast. Her action scenes are flashy, brutal, and cinematic, while the family dynamics hold their own weight and significance. This is an engaging blend of crime drama and Asian martial arts film tropes. At times, the modern elements—cars, televisions, guns—feel out of place in such a strongly envisioned world, but this remains an intense, satisfying experience. Agent: Jim McCarthy, Dystel & Goderich Literary. (Nov.)