cover image The Quicksilver Court

The Quicksilver Court

Melissa Caruso. Orbit, $16.99 trade paper (480p) ISBN 978-0-316-45435-3

The Dark Days loom again as demons escape from the Nine Hells to take up court in Caruso’s stately second Rooks and Ruin fantasy (after 2020’s The Obsidian Tower). Ryxander, former Warden of Gloamingard castle, is exiled from her homeland by her demon-possessed grandmother, the Lady of Owls. Joining with her allies, the magic troubleshooters of the Rookery, she travels to the elaborate palace of Loreice on the trail of the traitorous wizards of the Zenith Society, who have teamed up with the demon of Hunger. But nothing at Loreice is safe, least of all invitations to tea with their queen. Meanwhile, Ryxander teases out secrets of her family’s past dealings with demons that put her at odds with the Rookery and their powerful patrons. Caruso handles her reveals well, keeping readers’ attention, but making the demons a bit more chatty in this installment also makes them a bit less scary, diffusing some of the horror of the first volume. Still, this is a solid outing for series fans. Agent: Naomi Davis, BookEnds Literary. (Oct.)