cover image Treason of Hawks

Treason of Hawks

Lila Bowen. Orbit, $26 (384p) ISBN 978-0-316-50237-5

In the thrilling conclusion to Bowen’s Shadow series (following 2017’s Malice of Crows), intrepid cowboy and shape-shifter Rhett Walker must wrangle a diabolical and manipulative foe that forces him to reckon with a past he’s fought to forget. Shortly after someone very special to Rhett is nearly killed, he and his ragtag posse are attacked by marauding chupacabras, who warn that Rhett and company are being watched. They barely regroup before Rhett feels the tug of the Shadow, the mysterious force that notifies him of supernatural danger. It’s soon obvious that someone, or something, has a deeply personal vendetta against him, and that the people he loves most are in terrible danger. Can he rely on the Shadow to lead him true? Bowen’s wild and weird West, populated with all manner of supernatural beasties, is fully realized, and she barely lets up on the gunslinging action. The lovably irascible Rhett, only 17 and greatly changed over the course of the series, has come a long way in accepting himself, though he struggles with questions of destiny and choice. The final battle is bloody, fierce, and heartbreaking, and the hopeful conclusion is a fine feather in the cap of Bowen’s uniquely superb series. Agent: Kate McKean, Howard Morhaim Literary. (Oct.)