cover image We Lie with Death

We Lie with Death

Devin Madson. Orbit, $17.99 trade paper (528p) ISBN 978-0-316-53638-7

The land of Kisia is in turmoil in Madson’s fast-paced second Reborn Empire fantasy (after We Ride the Storm). Former Kisian empress Miko Ts’ai—now on the run—finds an unexpected ally in Levanti Sword Rah e’Torin, who has escaped from imprisonment for opposing the new Levanti emperor, Gideon e’Torin. For his part, Gideon’s embroiled in conflict with the young Kisian Emperor Jie Ts’ai and at odds with a growing number of his people, leaving Captain Dishiva e’Jaroven caught in the middle of the widening gap between the Levanti and their leader. Meanwhile, Chiltean assassin Casandra is transported into the body of Miko’s mother, Hana, by the Witchdoctor and the pair set off on a mission of their own. And then there is the enigmatic Dom Leo Villius, Veld Reborn, who seems to have ties to every player in the heated political chess game unfolding across the war-torn country. The story moves at breakneck speed, with frequent point of view changes propelling the plot forward. Far from just an in-between book, this immersive, action-packed fantasy is sure to please. [em]Agent: Julie Crisp, Julie Crisp Literary. (Jan.) [/em]