cover image The Oleander Sword

The Oleander Sword

Tasha Suri. Orbit, $17.99 trade paper (512p) ISBN 978-0-316-53856-5

Suri returns to the ancient India–inspired world of her Burning Kingdoms trilogy with this alluring, action-packed, and gut-wrenching sequel to The Jasmine Throne. Priya is now a temple elder of Ahiranya, and her elemental powers have only grown, while Empress Malini is on the war path with an army of allies to take down Parijatdvipa’s fanatical Emperor Chandra, her brother. As Priya works to understand the origin and purpose of her magic, Malini struggles to maintain dominance over a cabal of generals who doubt her every move. Suri laid the groundwork of this artful, immensely detailed world in book one, and now allows it to explode with politics, magic, and theology. The heroines are fierce and tender as ever, both brimming with a quiet, molten rage stemming from a thirst for vengeance, righteousness, and love. Meanwhile, Priya’s temple sister Elder Bhumika’s relentless work to provide sanctuary and safety despite the grotesque horrors of the empire surrounding her nearly steals the show. Suri’s strength lies in the palpable, chest-clutching tension she creates between friends, lovers, and enemies. The result is a taut, emotional sequel that will leave series fans eager for the finale. Agent: Laura Crockett, Triada. (Aug.)