cover image Definitely Not Sexy

Definitely Not Sexy

Jane Sutton. Little Brown and Company, $12.95 (154pp) ISBN 978-0-316-82325-8

When Diana is nominated for the Junior Honor Society, she is convinced that her social life has been nipped in the bud. Now all the popular, ``sexy'' kids will think she is a boring creep. Determined to convince her classmates that she is cool and zany, Diana imitates her favorite rock star in assembly, experiments briefly with marijuana, attempts to wear make-up and pursues her first real kiss. Diana's situation is likely to be familiar to many readers, and the account of her efforts to change her image has the potential to arouse both humor and compassion. Unfortunately, due to Sutton's glib, sarcastic tone, Diana's misadventures are more alienating than amusing. By novel's end Diana is supposed to have gained insight into herself and others. But because so few of the characters have been shown to have grown into believable human beings, it is difficult to share in Diana's transformed vision of the world. Like Diana, the author seems to believe that thoughtfulness and fun are mutually exclusive. Ages 12-up. (Dec.)