cover image Bth-World at End/Time

Bth-World at End/Time

Frederik Pohl. Del Rey Books, $17.95 (393pp) ISBN 978-0-345-33976-8

Galactic war waged among the star-dweller Wan-To and his various sibling/selves disrupts 12 stars, one of which nourishes the nascent colony world Newmanhome, and sends that cluster accelerating away from the rest of the universe at a speed approaching that of light. Relativistic time compression keeps the colony's group of suns young even after the heat death of the rest of the universe. A war involving the disruptions of the stars is chronicled, while alternating chapters depict the human inhabitants of Newmanhome and their desperate bids for survival. Neither sequence produces any particularly ambitious characters or societies, and while the writing is as fluid as can be expected of award-winner Pohl ( The Heechee Saga ), his failure to orchestrate a confrontation between the humans and Wan-To will dismay fans. (June)