cover image People in Glass Houses

People in Glass Houses

Timothy Hemlin, Tim Hemlin. Fawcett Books, $5.5 (230pp) ISBN 978-0-345-40902-7

Houston's renaissance man is back. Poet, chef, good Samaritan, and sleuth Neil Marshall (If Wishes Were Horses... and A Whisper of Rage) must solve his most difficult murder to date when a co-worker is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Neil's fellow student and Kerouac wannabe is missing, although he communicates by sending rambling poetry hinting that he is about to kill a crooked congressional candidate. Although Neil has good reason to see the candidate dead, he works with his teacher and not-so-secret love to interpret these poems, treating the reader to a verbal feast. While there are no recipes here, the book has all the ingredients--and the neat presentation--of a perfect meal. (Oct.)