cover image Man of the House

Man of the House

Ad Hudler, . . Ballantine, $14 (306pp) ISBN 978-0-345-48108-5

This breezy follow-up to Househusband follows Linc Menner, a stay-at-home dad whose home renovation project suddenly makes him long for a life less momlike. Linc has always been the full-time dad and felt content driving his “Man Van” to chauffeur daughter Violet around as his wife, Jo, works demanding hours as a hospital administrator. However, insecurities begin to brew beneath Linc's calm, even-keeled demeanor as Violet enters adolescence, causing Linc to feel less indispensable. Finally, when Linc overhears an obnoxious comment by a subcontractor, he questions his masculinity, leading him on a hell-bent journey from one masculine signifier to another, culminating in some realizations and life lessons, including “women are cool—they talk about things that matter.” Clunky lines like this, coupled with an awkward narrative that jumps between four first-person points of view detract from what is overall a light diversion that should serve as a welcome treat for devotees of mom lit. (Sept.)