cover image One Panda

One Panda

Random House. Random House (UK), $0 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-370-30150-1

Youngs's primer on numbers and its companion, on color, will enthrall adults who recognize rarities. On backgrounds of cloth that resembles linen or homespun in various hues, the artist fashioned lifelike animals of embroidery, collage and applique for stunning effects. ""One panda'' is a combination of pale shag and black fuzzy stuff. ``Three moose'' sport hides blending from beige to brown tones and wonderful horns cut from lace. Marvels await the page turner who discovers the ingenious figures depicted, from the solitary panda through the 12 seals ending the book. In the same ingenious style, Youngs has created Pink Pigs in Mud: A Colour Book, ISBN 0-370-30344-X ; $7.95. (36)