cover image The Reawakened

The Reawakened

Jeri Smith-Ready. Luna, $14.95 (488pp) ISBN 978-0-373-80271-5

Pseudo–Native American myth blends with passion in the colorful conclusion to Smith-Ready’s Aspect of Crow trilogy (after 2007’s Voice of Crow ). A brutal war rages between those who embrace Spirit, animal magic that grows stronger with each generation, and the Descendants, who shun it. Twelve years have passed since the bloodthirsty Ilion Army of the Descendants invaded the cities of Velekos and Asermos, and the hoped-for Raven leader has yet to emerge. Spirit mages Rhia and Marek follow their son after he joins his uncle’s army to avenge his girlfriend’s murder by Ilion soldiers, while Asermon refugee Sura, recently bestowed with her Snake aspect, falls in love with Dravek, a Snake betrothed to someone else. Newcomers will feel a little lost, but those familiar with the soap opera will enjoy the satisfying conclusion. (Nov.)