cover image Grandpa Putter and Granny Hoe

Grandpa Putter and Granny Hoe

Kimberly Olson Fakih. Farrar Straus Giroux, $13 (115pp) ISBN 978-0-374-32762-0

Twins Jazz and Koo are staying with their grandparents while their parents are abroad. They spend weekdays with Grandpa Putter and weekends with Granny Hoe. But every time the two grandparents meet, sparks fly and they quarrel endlessly, with the twins caught helplessly in the middle. Though Grandpa and Granny never really resolve their differences, they do agree on one issue: they will do anything for their grandchildren, even if it means trying to get along. The constant clashes between these two eccentric and endearing seniors result in a light-hearted, amusing story. In this debut book, Fakih creates a comical comparison by equating the gentle banter of the two stubborn grandparents with the typical childish bickering between the twins. Whimsical dialogue and offbeat characterization highlight the good-natured tomfoolery. Ages 7-10. (Apr.)