cover image Lark in the Morning

Lark in the Morning

Nancy Garden. Farrar Straus Giroux, $14.95 (227pp) ISBN 978-0-374-34338-5

Gillian's family arrives at their summer home to find it has been burglarized, and Gillian is horrified to discover that her diary is one of the stolen items. But when she accidentally locates the thieves--two abused, runaway youngsters--she doesn't mind sharing her food, clothing and even the contents of her diary. Garden ( Annie on My Mind ) attempts to combine two unrelated plot lines that cross paths but never quite merge. Her novel's most vividly written portions concern Gillian's romantic attachment to her best friend, Suzanne; unfortunately it is given short shrift through brief letters and action that has occurred largely in the past and has little bearing on Gillian's adventures with the runaways. Uncharacteristically slow-moving for this author, the runaways' story generates neither sympathy nor interest. However, the persistent reader will likely wade through the lugubrious plot to see Gillian and Suzanne's relationship through to its conclusion. Ages 12-up. (June)