cover image Maine: The Seasons

Maine: The Seasons

Terrell S. Lester. Knopf Publishing Group, $35 (160pp) ISBN 978-0-375-41118-2

Photographer Terrell S. Lester presents rich images of his adopted home state in Maine: The Seasons. With essays by Ann Beattie, Richard Ford, Richard Russo and Elizabeth Strout, the 120 full-color photos of Maine in all its natural and cultural glory and nuance will make residents proud and potential visitors covetous. Beattie, a half-year resident, writes, ""Maine is a serious place masquerading as a summer paradise,"" articulating something intangible also evoked by these photos of struggling mom-and-pop fishing businesses and untouched landscapes, something that modern visitors and homeowners increasingly crave as it slips from sight: authenticity, as opposed to quaint-making gentrification. ( June)