cover image Animal Soup

Animal Soup

Todd H. Doodler, . . Random/Golden, $10.99 (14pp) ISBN 978-0-375-85808-6

This board book with flaps combines animals to make amusing hybrids. Two digitally rendered cartoon animals appear on each spread. “What would I be if I were pink from head to toe... and I swung by my tail from a tree?” reads the text above a flamingo and a monkey. Lifting a large flap on the right shows the result: “Flamingo + monkey = Flamonkey.” Readers should get a kick out of venturing guesses and discovering such species as “Croctopus” (crocodile and octopus) and “Gorillican” (gorilla and pelican), whose wide-eyed expressions make them seem pretty shocked about the transformations themselves. Ages 3–5. (May)