cover image The Power of Cute

The Power of Cute

Charise Mericle Harper. Random/Corey, $10.99 (28p) ISBN 978-0-375-85965-6

Harper’s interactive, self-described “graphic novel” pits a pint-size teddy bear–like superhero against a roaring, fang-toothed monster. The hero announces that he’s unafraid of the monster “Because I have a superpower.” “Can you run faster than a speeding train?” the monster asks. Turning a wheel makes the two adversaries chase each other, but beneath a flap, the hero admits that’s not it. What’s his actual power? He’s a cutie patootie—and he can shrink the monster down so he’s cute, too. In books like Cupcake and Pink Me Up, Harper demonstrated that she knows a thing or two about cute; now she shows it’s about being more than a pretty face. Ages 4–8. (Oct.)